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I spend alot of my day at my office desk. And while I’m not being super productive with my thesis work, I’m checking blog updates, catching up on Twitter, and reading any cookery-related site I come across. I have a folder of bookmarked recipes that is increasing at a rate too fast to keep up with, full of inspiration for the next culinary challenge. I sigh over beautifully decorated kitchens that I dream about cooking in. I drool over gadgets that I immediately decide I need to buy straightaway, until I find another gadget even better on the next site I visit (I’m fickle like that). Here are some of the sites and gadgets that have taken over my browsing time lately…


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Don’t you just love IKEA?

I made (yet another) trip to IKEA Dublin last weekend. I truly love that place, though it does bring out the wistful part of me that wants a big empty house to decorate (using someone else’s credit card!).

Their marketing is really something. I always arrive thinking I only need a few jars, maybe a pie dish. Then after a walk around, drooling over the so-Swedish design, you get to the registers and realise you’ve picked up a duvet cover, a lamp, some house plants and some flatpack furniture. Oh and the jars you actually came for, along with an extra pie dish and some wine glasses.


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Things I Want III

Here are some of the gorgeous things I’ve come across in the last few weeks as I procrastinate at my desk. Firstly, I have come to realise that I spend far too much time looking at pretty kitchens. It’s not as though I have any real input to the design of any kitchen at the minute, but, you know, some day…. 😀


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Things I Want II

I love this clock. It’s so red and fabulous and it has a cute little timer built in. It would look great in my kitchen.

I need a Chaise Longue in my life. Somewhere to lie back fashionably and ponder. This striped delight would look great in a bright airy kitchen or, maybe more appropriately, in a hall or living area. I love the colours!

My favourite colour is purple. Last year I painted the kitchen purple and white. Best decision ever, and hugely better than the depressing dirty beige that was there before. This washing-up bowl would match my paintwork perfectly. It’s made of rubber and will fit nicely into any kitchen sink. (Available at mooch.co.uk)

Moustache glasses! Genius! Heh. I’m a sucker for stuff like this. You’ll find them and other moustache-y delights in the secret ‘stache shop on etsy.com.

Another kitchen I’ve been drooling over. It was featured recently on thekitchn.com as part of a selection of kitchens using beadboard. I love the turquoise paint peeping out from over the backsplash and around the window. And what a cool sink!

These hanging vegetable keep sacks are wonderfully practical. I am forever throwing out sad carrots and sprouting onions – fruit and veg have a short lifespan in our kitchen, we just don’t have proper storage space. These sacks could save alot of vegetables!

And, back to work!

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Things I Want

Today I have been mostly dreaming about this kitchen:

One of three kitchens by designer Jessica Helgerson featured today on thekitchn.com. I love the shelves under the table/island with storage for cookbooks and bowls. I also want a window over my kitchen sink. I also want that kitchen sink. 🙂

I want this quirky herb growing device:

It’s called the Stem Garden. Now, I am a failure at herb growing. I plant them and ignore them completely until one day I notice that they have died. This contraption might hold my attention a bit more than usual though…

I also love this apron:

I love the colour, I love the pattern. But I mostly love the fact that it’s reversible:

How gorgeous? This and many other fabulous kitchen-y items can be found at The Kitchen Roost’s Shop on etsy.com.

Now, back to work. 😉

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Tea Cosy Envy

So this is slightly off the usual topic of recipes but I thought this item deserved a mention because I want it so much. Just look at it – isn’t it perfect?? It’s like a cable-knit poloneck jumper for your teapot. With woolly flowers on it. Perfection indeed. I have been gazing at it longingly on the Mable & Violet website for a good couple of weeks now. And it just makes me want it more.


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